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MetaStreme recently announced its partnership with Predict Ecology, an environmental and ecological consulting firm with a focus on real-world data and predictive modeling.

CEO, co-founder and managing director Daniel Keane needed a platform that could help Predict Ecology with predictive modeling, compliance monitoring, and machine learning which is why he decided to collaborate with WeatherSV and MetaStreme.

“As an ecologist modeling and monitoring biodiversity, the single biggest problem faced is access to volumes of high-quality data, that are verified and indexed,” according to the MetaStreme blog post that spotlights the partnership.

Keane saw blockchain technology as an opportunity to create a self-serving, generator rewarding, big data service. This led to the partnership with MetaStreme—the Bitcoin wallet designed to meet the demands of high volume transaction applications—as well as WeatherSV, the site that indexes and retrieves climate data from the Bitcoin blockchain, to make that a reality.

How Predict Ecology is using Metastreme

In 2019, Predict Ecology used data from WeatherSV in conjunction with their scientific modeling software tools to add value to data while creating incentives for the provision and application of such tools.

Currently, Predict Ecology is working “on a method of capturing carbon using vegetation, using directly planted tree seeds followed by species enrichment using Australian native conifers and animal attracting species (i.e. native figs).”

To accomplish this, Predict Ecology will use UAV mounted multi-spectral sensors along with their in-house AI engine for recording species level carbon sequestration and species diversity. Predict Ecology also plans to monitor fauna biodiversity with motion-activated remote cameras, and sound recorders.

Predict Ecology will also implement automated IoT water quality and volume sensors to demonstrate the improved ecosystem services/function created by the restoration (for biodiversity and carbon sequestration). And of course, all of their recorded data will be validated and verified using traditional field survey techniques to ensure quality assurance.

Predict Ecology will be using MetaStreme to upload its validated data sets to the Bitcoin blockchain. Uploading this data to the Bitcoin blockchain allows it to be publicly indexed as well as retrieved in a pay-per-view style by researchers and modelers around the world.

Ultimately, putting this data on-chain can lead to the creation of verifiable on-chain assets that enable a tokenized market of real-world assets such as carbon, biodiversity, and ecosystem service tokens.

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