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At the BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai, Daniel Keane, our co-founder and managing director, explains how our projects use #BSVblockchain to transform how #IoT “Internet of Things” device communication can happen as well as advance environmental #sustainability goals—creating a world of good with the BSV blockchain.

Botany meets blockchain

Predict Ecology was founded to measure and track “natural capital”—a term to describe the value of an ecosystem that includes the people, plants and wildlife living in and around it.

By using BSV Predict Ecology can tokenize individual plants and track their condition. The data Predict Ecology gathers can be validated, referenced, and audited all in the one place. It’s a combined dataset of natural capital on the BSV ledger that can be collectively added and updated.

Data sets  can cover longer periods of time by processing and storing it all on the Bitcoin BSV blockchain, our grandchildren will be able to use the data. 


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